The holistic, patient-centred focus practice of Chinese Medicine traditionally aims to assist patients in healing and coping with the anxiety, pain and loss of functioning that might accompany an operation.


Chinese Medicine is traditionally used to offer support to those who are suffering from injury or long-term debilitating conditions that have left unresolved complaints, such as digestive issues, sleep disruptions, chronic fatigue and compromised immune system leading to frequent colds and flues.


Symptoms commonly experienced during illness recovery are the lingering effects of fatigue and immune system impairment. This is due to symptoms of an illness, such as glandular fever, where the impact has caused long-term damage. It is therefore of the utmost importance that full healing takes place. 


Chinese Medicine as an adjunct therapy traditionally aims to assist with: 


  • Recovery and postoperative healing

  • Chronic or serious illness resolution

  • Injury care and rebuilding.


There is evidence to support that Traditional Chinese Medicine may have potential for positive effect as an adjacent therapy in treating Parkinson’s Disease. 

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